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“This is why we can’t have a discussion and I am not going to continue.”

Please don’t! Responding to you takes lots of my time but I feel that the Torah needs to be represented on a Frum website. As I mentioned in my previous post I’m not responding to you per se- I’m pointing out the lies, hypocrisy and fallacy in your posts to other who may otherwise believe you. You’ll thank me when you get to the next world for all the sins your followers may have otherwise committed.

“It is painful to me to have to discuss issues where we disagree on the basic facts.”

Now think of what I have to put up with between you intentionally missing the point, lying, ignoring strong points that I make, leaving out parts of my posts to make it seem like I’m a wicked person and the list goes on and on.

“I would like to introduce you to a few diseases that have absolutely zero to do with a person lifestyle. This is just a short list.
Cancer – in all its forms over the body
Some forms of Diabetes

I would also like to introduce you to the millions of people who are the victims of auto, fire, and flood accidents.”

Right- you’re mentioning the medical costs that are unavoidable but again ignoring the bulk of the medical costs which would be avoidable if people acted responsibly. When I briefly worked within the ACA I studied annual costs of the members with the highest medical claims before running them through actuarial reinsurance software. The highest claims (excuse me if I get the order wrong) were for:
1. A person doing motorcycle stunts whose bill was close to $1,000,000 (he didn’t survive)
2. A couple where the guy was trying to show off to his girlfriend and they got electrocuted when their hot air balloon went into power lines (they both survived- him in better condition than her)
3. A guy who got electrocuted and fell off his roof while installing Christmas lights (he survived).
And this is just accidents- not chronic illnesses due to horrible lifestyle choices.

The next highest claims that I came across were for kidney dialysis and were considerably less. (Heart attacks, open heart surgery and the likes didn’t meet the threshold for the analysis I was doing.)

“Insurance plans and Higher Deductibles were already going up for decades before the ACA. I also pay for my family’s insurance and know that this is true. There was no guarantee from any insurance companies that the trend wasn’t going to continue. In fact , it was obvious that it was going to continue until someone reigned them in.”

I definitely agree with you on that. As medical care got better and more expensive devices came along peoples treatments got better and more expensive and they were living longer. Also, as the ratio of makers to takers started trending to zero (the makers having less kids than the takers) there were less people to pay premiums and more people free riding so the premiums got higher. Then some makers had to become takers- it’s a vicious cycle.

“If you want to blame the ACA , the Insurance companies love you.”

It was happening long before the ACA- the ACA just made it exponentially worse. If you read enough on the inner workings of the ACA (unfortunately the information is extremely complicated and hard to find online- you need to go to the CMS website and download documents that are hundreds of pages long) you’ll see that there was no mathematical chance for the ACA to work. It seriously hurt hard working families (like my own) where our medical expenses went up about $10,000 annually for lower quality care.

And by the way- insurance companies lost hundreds of millions if not many billions of Dollars in this debacle.

“Similar to Oil companies making record profits this year and everyone blames Biden.”

As I explained before (and you ignored it) in economics there’s a supply and demand curve, as supply goes down (or up) the demand will go up (or down) and prices will go up (or down). When President Biden signed that executive order on his first day in office the US stopped being energy independent, the supply went down, the demand went up and prices went up (and the US became weaker internationally). So oil companies are able to make record profits and yes the blame is squarely on President Biden (or whichever Democrat told him to sign it).

“2) I need to explain why people who have SSA are not responsible for their being SSA and can never be “cured” by going for psychological help?

In the real world, there are people with SSA and no amount of psychological treatment will make them non-SSA.”

Again- you’re purposely missing the point and misquoting me. I don’t believe I ever wrote that they can be cured- I don’t know too much about the topic to comment on it one way or another. (If I did please point it out to me and I’ll take back what I wrote.) These people need psychological help to feel comfortable using the restroom / locker room that corresponds to the gender they were born with. (I.e. only people born with one set of “X” Chromosomes and one set of “Y” Chromosomes use the restroom / locker room that says “Male” and only people born with two sets of “X” Chromosomes use the restroom / locker room that says “Female”.) They can also use some serious psychological help learning how to keep their private lives private and not having parades and the likes to show their perversion.

If you think about it- from all the grotesque relationships the Torah mentions there’s one that the Torah calls an abomination. Those that want to destroy the Torah (i.e. the Democratic party who want everyone to forget that Hashem exists so they will worship and vote for Democrats instead of Hashem) are purposely taking something so important to the Torah and shoving it in everyone’s face.

To reiterate what I’ve said before- if these people would keep their private lives private the whole SSA issue would be a non-issue.

“The Republican states are the biggest beneficiaries of the Federal Government money put in by Blue States.”

I’m not sure if that’s true or not (I don’t know one way of the other) but I don’t know why that has anything to do with anything. Some states produce more money than other states and some states produce more milk than other states.

The point is there are way too many able bodied people in this country (enabled by the Democrats) who could be contributing to society but aren’t.

“You will realize that the slogan that Republicans “just want people to take responsibility for their behavior” is simply a wicked slogan to allow themselves to not help other people.”

Again- you’re purposely misquoting me and purposely missing the point. Like I’ve said a number of times earlier but you refuse to acknowledge- if the only people getting entitlements are those who physically or mentally can’t take responsibility for themselves, as well as those who are temporarily down on their luck- the entire entitlement crisis would be a non-issue.