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The Yahoo Poll is NOT reliable, because the Yahoo Corporation is dominated by far-leftist Democrats, as are other high-tech corporations, like: Google, YouTube, FaceBook, Instagram, Reddit (and Twitter before Mr. Elon Musk bought it).

For example, when Donald Trump was running for re-election, Yahoo News published FIVE [5] ARTICLES EVERY DAY that attacked Donald Trump, while publishing ZERO [0] articles that attacked the Democratic candidate – Joe Biden.

Additionally, the results of the Yahoo Poll can be explained by the fanatical-hatred that members of the Democratic Party have for Donald Trump.

Additionally, Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez described [Alexandria] Ocasio-Cortes, [Ilhan] Omar, [Rashida] Tlaib, and others comparing Israel to Nazi Germany as: the “future of the Democratic Party”.
SOURCE: A blow to BDS in the House by Jonathan S. Tobin, 2019/7/24
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