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damoshe, your’re reading too many things online.

Being ma’aleh the nitzotzos of kedushah that are in hirhurim asurim, is something discussed a LOT in chasidishe seforim, and is limited to….tzadikim. It’s a central theme of the meor aynayim of chernoble, and no one says not to avoid them; they say that tzadikim convert the “ahabah nefulah”, the fallen love, which went to a bad place (an issur) and elevate it into ahavas Hashem.

However, it can only be done by someone above their taavos, someone who is “libi chalal bekirbi,” i.e.m the tanya’s tzadik, as he explains in detail. If someone is still beset with taavos gashmius, he cannot elevate his thoughts higher than he is himself.

The arizal said on the pasuk by ervas achoso “chesed hu,” that there is kedushah in aveiros, but that they are “assurim” – tied down, unable to be accessed. It’s something that all the mekubalim talk about, before the baal shem.

The tanya does say, however, that one can elevate gashmius thoughts about devorim mutarim, such as tasty food.