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In other words you’re saying that you “feel” it’s worse. Al pi Torah for you vlo sasuru there is no difference,
Yes most frum homes and stores to cover themselves but the employees where pants, don’t cover hair which is an erva .
Yes we are proud to accept baalai teshuvah who don’t yet keep every chumra or even halacha. Every mitzvah is a yichud nitzchi with hashem, doesn’t make a difference what the person did or will do later. If a person is 24/7 butal to Hashem – doing Mitzvos, learning Torah, his business Al pi Torah, taking care of himself and family lishem shamayim, and bchol drochecha daehu, he is a complete merkovah to Hashem, if not then at the times he’s not, he’s not. (Tanya perek 6-7, 22-23, 34) I don’t know what’s the makor of the word frum – especially the way people use it today like Talking lashon hara is still considered frum, but dressing not tznius is not frum.
And I made much more points.