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“It’s like the internet. Other chatzeiros have rules about internet usage that originate from their rebbes. Lubavich only has rules suggested by rabbis and mashpi’im.”
So what’s the problem, lubavitch takes mashpiim very seriously the Rebbe said it’s a bakasha nafshis and even stronger.
In general the Rebbe had a different approach to radio and technology that everything in the world was created for the kovod of hashem. The Rebbe said (I’m pretty sure) that it’s kefirs to say something was created by the Satan. That doesn’t mean everyone should use internet, the Rebbe spoke about this look in the maftachos for more details.
Hashem told Moshe he wants to destroy the yidden and make Moshe into the great nation, Moshe stood up for the yidden. This is chabads way, not to push everyone who doesn’t fit in out box out rather to be mikarev them as it says in Tanya perek 32. (Kedushas Levi in parshas chukas and somewhere else I forgot also says that a manhig is someone who sees the good in Jews, not who rebukes)