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Sechel, not every individual community accepted that aspect of rav vosner’s psak – the issue is that chabad continues to not condemn recreational and even unrestricted internet access, instead plays on these insufferable talking points of “the good in everything”

Yes there was a psak from the CH beis din. But this is an issue that requires mobilization; did you help russian jewry by just issuing statements? Did klal yisroel defeat reform, haskalah, zionism, karaism, tzedukim, etc….with one psak beis din? No.

And the proof to the disingenuousness of your statement is that chabad ks extremely into activism to reach its goals. If it cared about kedushah as a community as much as it cares about putting leather boxes and straps on men who are defiled with shiksas, it would do something about it. But it doesn’t.