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“I denigrated the BTs?! I don’t remember doing that! I keep saying that it’s the kids of shluchim, and a number of shluchim themselves, who I am complaining.”

I’m glad you didn’t mean anything against bts. You’ve written several posts implying that what you see as Chabads problems today, are due to bts, so I wanted to clarify this is really not the case.

“I have close relatives who run a Chabad house – official shluchim, not mushrooms (yankel berel et al, have you heard that term?) – and who regulary post pictures of what goes on in their institution. Forget the (not-yet-)BTs who are there and are doing what they are doing, although in my humble opinion there’s no need to post pictures of that, I’m talking about the shluchim themselves. Shomu Shamayim! Because of tznius issues I won’t elaborate!”

Interesting. Why did your relatives become lubavitch? I’m closely acquainted with a family who helps and helped many people learn Chassidus, and become lubavitch (doesn’t need to be both, there are many that just do the former), and all the ones I know keep the highest standards for themselves and bH have beautiful families. They were looking for something more when they came to lubavitch, not less, and we’ve spoken about it in many conversations. So I’m just curious what your relatives story is: did they go off and come back through lubavitch? Or what?

About your insinuation of shluchim- there are thousands of shluchim, I’d say most uphold the highest standards as befits what they do, some started off as less, and give their communities what they have. One shlucha spoke to us in high school and shared how she always struggled with tznius, and ultimately turned around when her college students on campus respectfully asked why she wasn’t dressed the part of the Rebbetzin she was to them. She got the message and dresses completely tznius today bH. Shluchim were never sent as only the top 10% of lubavitch, many freilach kids who gave their teachers a hard time went on shlichus. Of course you can only give what you have, but I’d say shlichus is a win win in these cases because your on a path that encourages growth, and you’re anyway going to have what to share. When I occasionally do see shluchim who aren’t up to par with standards, I’m happy for them that they still chose shlichus. Imagine where they’d be if they weren’t…