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“ Please don’t put words into my mouth. I didn’t say that Lubavich willingly lowers standards because of baalei teshuva. What I said was that because of the baalei teshuva, and other reasons – namely concern with others, Mashiach, mivtzoim, and not enough with themselves – they overlook the vitally imporatant aspect of upholding tznius.”

Thanks for clarifying. I remember hearing in one central lubavitch school that people used to just dress Tznius automatically because they knew they would stand in front of the Rebbe, and after Gimmel Tammuz, Tznius plunged as a result. But, there definitely is concern for Tznius in lubavitch today, I had it all the time- they just had to come up with educational material that gels with our hashkofa, there was at least one great curriculum when I was in high school, there are many after school tznius clubs, and bH there are many many tznuos within lubavitch today, although we will not push away those who aren’t, so you see them too.