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so we have this new ‘poisek’ its called pictures. can anyone bring reyoh that we pasken from pictures? to have mixed is beferish a gemorroh that even not mixed just the same floor is assur,mesechtes sukkah 51b,-52a which the rambam paskens perek 8 hilchos lulev halacha 12. and this big talmud chochom (as opposed to us am haratzim..according to that poster)just makes it away with a picture(maybe thats one reason we need mechitze,as from the gemmorom sais even ground floor one room and separate is assur, dont know,my own svarah,but this tam you need for those who are so oisgearbed that they don’t have the problem of histaklus and hirhurim,but we and also the holy tanaim and amoroin had this problem see soif mesachtes keddushin we need mechitzes. also your taine ‘dont look, so you are such a oigearbete yid you dont look, what about plenty others who are not so oigearbet..if it is as said that the holy isgros moshe did officiate and participated in such settings it can only be as one poster mentioned that there were so many other issues to deal.also what the other poster said ‘you think yiddishkeit started in 1945’ no it didnt start but that the state of affairs in yiddishkeit exsited as described, yes there were plenty ball madreiges mispachos who with tremendos mesiros nefesh held on to shabbos, kashros etc, etc but wasnt so pahut..the same can be said about ‘PICTURES’of gedolim that wore certain attire..not that there is anything wrong with it…also dont understand from those big talmid chacham as opposed to us am haratzim ,lo shini malbishom is nothing by you?shoin you’ll come with all kinds of non-explantions explanation….