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just me

Azi, if you truly think you are like Avrahom Avinu and Rochel Imainu but don’t have to consult a rav for such a mondain thing are taking your mother’s things, I think you have a lot of maturing and learning to do. I hope you are writing this because writing on and reading this blog is amusing. I’ve heard stories from my 19 year old son about how he and his friends write letters to the editor of the Yated and Homadia. He is SO happy when he got one over on them and the letters were taken seriously.

If this is what’s going on. You did it. We all took you seriously.

If this isn’t the case, and you do take your mother’s property “for the sake of her nashama” (and your sheduchim prospects) just be prepared to live with the consequences. I know if my child would take my things because he thought it was right, he would wait a loooong time until he saw a penny of spending money from me.

I’m betting this is just a put on though.