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1. I was referring to your sudden change to spelling with a Y instead of a J. Now I have 2 examples, Yekkeshi and Yidden. Not really important, though, just wondering.

2. I do not have any reason to think of you as being similar to “gedolim in the minority” or “neviim with an unpopular message”. Sir, I think of you as quite the opposite. You seem to want to spread the popular message of “anything goes” on the fine people of this forum for whom only the Torah goes. That’s what I meant by “shoving it in their faces”. There are plenty of places where your views are popular, take them there. Don’t give me the persecuted minority speech.

3. I only said that we should refrain from interacting with the rabid reform, not with the stam Jew who is not shomer shabbos. Those Jews are who we SHOULD try to be mekarev (each person to the best of their abilities in this area).

4. What I meant by liberal style acceptance is your views of “anything goes”, by example I mean all of the kulos that you try to defend. I do not include your zionist views in this matter. That is a true view, though not a widely accepted one anymore.

I’d be glad to have any reasonable discussion with you. I always try to be reasonable (except when I am trying to be funny). But if you are posting here for the reasons that I mentioned, I am not one who can help you achieve your goals. Please think about that.