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in Chovos Halevavos

in the shaar cheshbon hanefesh

he lists 30 attitudes and ideas to consider and contemplate

learn and THINK about one of them each day

start with number one on Rosh Chodesh and learn (meditate on really) one a day

start again the next Rosh Chodesh

you will learn each one 12 times a year

they are powerful ideas

use the english translation if you want, i do, i find his loshon very difficult to grasp clearly

BONUS, this is very, very nice

do this seder before Shachris, (or other times) when no one else is in the Bais Medresh, when it is dark

leave all the lights off

find a secluded corner

*use a candle to learn by*

whenever you feel inspired during the seder, talk to the RibbnoShelOlam, cry to him, real tears if you can, dry tears if you cant.

please try this, it’s worth some sacrifice.

may you have Siyata dShmaya