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    With the Yemei Hadin around the corner, I thought it might be a good idea for the olam on YWN to get together and possibly share idea’s you had on what you want to improve on this year and see if other people’s ideas might be good for you as well.

    I for one want to try to not have the yetzer hora to use phone at all during davening/learning, whether its email, text, calls., so I as going to either start leaving it at home for that period of time or just turn it off completely until the end of davening. I always found putting it on silent not to work, as I keep checking to see what I missed.

    Hope to hear other idea’s and what other people might be mekabel to change and hope we can all get chizuk from this thread and may we all be blessed with a k’svia v’chasima tova and a gut gebentched year


    in Chovos Halevavos

    in the shaar cheshbon hanefesh

    he lists 30 attitudes and ideas to consider and contemplate

    learn and THINK about one of them each day

    start with number one on Rosh Chodesh and learn (meditate on really) one a day

    start again the next Rosh Chodesh

    you will learn each one 12 times a year

    they are powerful ideas

    use the english translation if you want, i do, i find his loshon very difficult to grasp clearly

    BONUS, this is very, very nice

    do this seder before Shachris, (or other times) when no one else is in the Bais Medresh, when it is dark

    leave all the lights off

    find a secluded corner

    *use a candle to learn by*

    whenever you feel inspired during the seder, talk to the RibbnoShelOlam, cry to him, real tears if you can, dry tears if you cant.

    please try this, it’s worth some sacrifice.

    may you have Siyata dShmaya


    there is a small, easy to read sefer that many have found to have spurred them on to very deep changes is their lives.

    Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh

    author unknown

    most seforim stores never heard of it

    you can purchase it online at

    it is for anyone at any level, as long as you truly want to serve the Ribbono Shel Olam, in the best way you can.

    there is a nice translation (dont let the awful cover fool you) called “A Sanctuary in my Heart”



    “This may disappoint some people (and make others happy) but in 5769 I intend to curtail my non business and non-Torah use of the Internet. That includes participating here, not because I consider the forum treyf chas vesholom but because I feel that I am contributing nothing of real value.”

    This is non-Torah? Isn’t this a little bit of an insult to YWN?



    The author of Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh is Harav Itamar Schwartz from Eretz Yisroel.

    He happened to have been in New York Two weeks ago and held many drashos.

    It may be interesting to note that he has many extremely warm haskamos from all different types of gedolim.

    You can see & hear shiurim from him on the web at


    thank you very much gedalya



    on one of the online seforim stores recommended by the bilvavi site it gives the author as HaRav Itamar Swartz

    on the other online store it says this about the author:

    Works by an anonymous mekkubal from Yerushalayim

    do you know what is behind this?


    What I am saying I know for a fact as Rabbi Schwartz spoke at my brother’s house in Boro Park. Why don’t you go to his website and see for yourself.

    By the way there are some shiurim there meinyana dyoma.


    i did go to the website (thank you again)

    thats where i saw the two bookstores i mentioned in my last post

    i totally believe you

    i just wondered why some people, like me, and like at least one book store, are under the impression that the author is unknown

    d a

    Itzik_s it is very good idea you are doing. May Hashem give you the koach to keep to your commitment. If you want, you can set your computer to only allow or block certain sites. I don’t know exactly which computers allow this, but I know Vista has it. (It comes with the computer; no charge). We at will miss your comments. HATZLACHA!


    This is non-Torah? Isn’t this a little bit of an insult to YWN?


    Shindy, please read my post again!

    I said clearly that YWN is not treyf chas vesholom but that I feel my own posts contribute nothing (and they are very wordy to boot)! No desire whatsoever to block YWN (I block the bad stuff – the LH sites and “ortho-skeptics”, inadvertent porn and phishing that I may accidentally surf to in the process of legit business research) byusing K9 which is free though I do use Vista) as I certainly will want to read the forums as well as the site.


    I will try to talk less during Aseres Yemai Teshuva. I will try to smile more at everyone especially my own family.

    I will try to work on shidduchim for eligibles in our family (girls of course). Family should make family a priority. I have never been zoche yet to make a shidduch. What a zechus!

    Gut Yohr to Everyone!


    At first it seemed pretty suspicious to me too that he doesn’t write his name. But I learned that his reasoning is that he knowsthat what he is saying is emes and “kach haemes mmi shamro”. (to avoid people not reading it due his or their affiliations).


    i was never suspicious

    i assumed it was probably Anivus

    at one time i think the public didnt know his name

    i heard speculation then, that it was Tzvi Meir

    very special Sefer.


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