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Pashuteh Yid,

“Sarah, RabbiofBerlin was only addressing a post strongly, and did not insult the poster.”

If you classify Berlin’s words as “strong”, then I don’t think the two of us have common ground for conversation. His posts are the written version of foaming at the mouth. It is extremely distasteful to log on and read curses on a Jewish website (“your end will be bad”). If these don’t bother you, we have little in common.

The Apikorus references bandied about with such ease are equally distasteful. I have written about unwarranted labeling as well in the past. I try not to open any threads with inflammatory headlines. Additionally, I generally do not open threads on this forum or the main site with threads referencing known Jewish personalities from any group, as I am certain to find L”H, MSR, and vitriolic language in these.

I have politely requested that other posters speak with dignity and maturity, including those of more right-wing persuasion. One in particular thanked me, albeit calling me “Morah” in jest. The two posters with whom I have recently interacted on this topic have rejected my request out of hand. I do my best, and then move on. Lo alecha hamelacha ligmor…

As far as the topic under discussion: The Rebbe, Israel, etc, I do not engage in meaningless debates, and have no problem with your assertion of any stance you choose. I usually try to keep my opinions to myself, unless I feel it is important to speak up. I feel it is important to speak up when Jewish posters are cursing, and engaging in disgusting, contemptible language (crawl into your hole). You don’t feel that is important. We can be different. That is OK.

Right now, some posters who engage in vulgar and nasty language maintain their right to do so, and are not willing to even acknowledge the problem. I know that may change in the future, and have much belief in our fellow posters and all Jews that we can and will eventually show our best side .