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Fine Young Lady Feminist- The mere definition of feminism or any such activist group is antithetical to Judaism. Judaism is not based on, but rather wholly IS the word of G-D transmitted through the generations by those are educated and trained in proving from the text of tanach information that I would not have otherwise seen regarding the entire world and including everything and everything. The individual does not get an “opinion” in the matter. They don’t even get a say in the facts. The rabbanan of the generation who were trained by their rabbeim and in turn train their talmidim are the only ones in the whole wide world who can tell you the truth about the world. The rishonim and acharonim most certainly fit into this category and their word IS law. I feel I have a right in this forum as one who is being trained to be able to lead the next generation of Yeshiva Orthodox jews(not saying thats the path I want in life) to merely say over the facts I have learned under the tutelage of the rabbanan of this generation. You have no say in the matter. Only G-d does. Zevi has no say in the matter. Only G-d does. Even I have no say in the matter. I- just because hashem as granted me the privilege to spend my days immersed in his torah- simply happen to know what G-d says on the matter and I don’t try to alter what he says to fit what I think proper morals SHOULD be.

Finally and most definitely some agenda driven, silly wackos on some silly website have no say in the matter. ONLY G-D DOES.

To sum it all up, an activist group is based on the assumption that all people have a right to their opinions regarding morals and ethics and that if it appears that ones self given morals are not being observed, then one should go out and make the people aware of how THEY want the public to lead their lives. This most certainly has nothing to do with judaism. The fact that you are jewish has nothing to do with te fact that you claim to be a feminist. There are many slummy people out there who are jewish so you are not extraordinary in that regard.