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Sweib91, it is difficult to understand as Rav Kamenetsky wrote as follows in Emes l’yacov Yoreh Deah 181

…Regarding [the prohibition of using] machines for shaving [the beard], this

is not just a Chumra [Halachic strictness] but a substantive [Halachic] issue,

and residents of Bnei Brak are certainly obligated to follow the ruling of the

local Halachic authorities (Poskim) [who prohibit using shavers].

In fact, I do not know whether the great Torah authorities (Gedolim) of

America [ever] explicitly permitted them; it is possible that they kept silent

because no one asked them [their opinion], and they avoided the issue,

knowing that their words would not be heeded.

As for [any leniency] that has become accepted in past generations, it is

a fact that over time there have been many improvements in the machines,

and it is possible that, as a result of these improvements, shaving with them

has become prohibited [even according to the reasoning offered for that

leniency].Accordingly, in this case, it is difficult to rely on [any] tradition [to

be lenient]…*

* Indeed, this is how [Rabbonim] should rule, that it is not just Halachic

strictness, and if a young man wishes to be scrupulous not to use any shaving

machine, his parents should not object to this and say that [their son] is just

trying to find [superfluous] Halachic stringencies.