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to kollelwife,

I am sorry, but the claim that those women caused a reduction in hatzalah calls is dubious at best, borderline ridiculous and dangerous in any case.

1. There is no way of knowing this, absolutely no way

2. I would like to know if these women are willing to accept the responsibility if hatzalah calls increase at any given time (a certainty, by the way)

3. which hatzalah? local? national? bnei brak too? why not?

4. which time period? an hour? a day? a month? any time period that makes it fit?

Illogical claims such as these where B follows A, therefore A caused B are dangerous because they expose themeselves to a multitude of potentially opposite claims that are just as valid.

Tznius is lauditory and important, new takanos are a wonderful idea, let’s leave it at that. Don’t make magic out of it, it is unnecessary and potentially damaging.