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Joseph: only semi-seriously. But only because you’re a special case.

Give me a break: I don’t hate Obama. I’m also not convinced that I should vote for him. There is a whole lot of shtus going on in this election cycle, much of it having very little relevance as to who will be the best president/vice president combination. I don’t know if I really think that McCain’s experience would make him any better of a President, and I don’t know if Obama would be able to make any of the significant changes he wants to. Neither will change the country’s stance on Israel, because it would be far too politically costly. The Democratic party enjoys a TON of support from Jews (because more Jews are non-frum than frum, and tend to vote Democrat), and would not risk that base. I think Biden is an infinitely better VP choice than Palin, who has not proved herself (at least to me) as anything but a ploy to create a “battle of the minorities,” and who has ALREADY shown that her ethics are questionable.

In short, no I don’t hate Obama. I also have no idea if I’m going to vote for him. At this point, I’ll vote for anyone that removes the asinine requirement of removing my shoes every time I travel via airplane.