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Truth be told, all this talk about “gedolim” has had me laughing in every thread. I am a godol too, and I can be counted for a minyan. I find it amusing that people want to argue if the great Rabbonim are “gedolim” or not – I can guarantee you that they all are and have been for many years.

Klal yisroel does not universally agree on who its leaders are. The Sefardim have theirs, the “Litvaks” have theirs and the Chassidim have theirs. “Modern Orthodoxy” also has leaders. Each group should, no doubt, follow their leaders. If the Modern Orthodox leaders do not choose to tell their followers the same things that the Litvishe leaders do, then the Litvishe followers should not expect the Modern Orthodox to be doing those things. Doesn’t that make sense?

All the pitzelahs here can just go along following their own leaders and stop there. All this agenda pushing makes it sound like you are not comfortable “being the only one” to observe/follow some edict or chumra. Stop trying to push it on others. The responsibility for what the modern orthodox does rests on the plaitzes of modern orthodox leaders. If you don’t think that modern orthodox leaders demand enough from their followers, then ask THEM why they aren’t doing so. Simple. You are all followers, so don’t try to lead.