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anon for this,

That was not my point at all! I did not mean to say that we should eat meat from animals that we are killing anyway for klaf. I was just disproving “Give Me a Break’s” philosophy that we are permitted to kill animals but H-m would prefer we don’t. If we have so many mitzvos and minhagim around animals, it is obviously not cruel to kill them!

If it would be the wrong thing or even rather not to kill animals to eat/use would Hashem ask us to do certain things through cruelty? Are you saying that we must be cruel to animals for a Mitzva but nothing more? If it would be cruel wouldn’t Hashem, HaKol Yachul be able to come up with a different way of performing them?

About your point that it is not an avaira to refrain from eating meat, I agree with that completely! That is why I said that the reasoning behind it makes all the difference! Hashem knows our thoughts and He knows the reasons and thoughts behind our actions. If someone does not eat meat because he thinks it’s cruel, in essence he is saying that Hashem gave us mitzvos based on cruelty. If he is not eating because of a different reason, that is an other story.

It’s not the action, it’s the reason for the action.

Mariner, The Geula does not come until Mashiach. We cannot force the Geula upon ourselves and bring Korbonos as far as I know. (Weren’t the people who fled Egypt before the right time killed?) Please tell me if I am wrong and what is your source.