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No. Source: From the fact that Noach was only permitted to kill animals because he spent many sleepless nights over the welfare of the animals, so they were indebted to him.

Sorry but this is completely krum. Where in the world did you get this from? A quote out of context from a medrash? You know full well that we do not pasken or hold according to anything remotely related to this.”

See Rabbeinu Bachaye, Parshas Acharei Mos.


“Food for thought:

If you are worried about the animals being tortured during shechita, think about what the goyim do to their meat! We make sure that the knife is sharp enough so it cuts easier ect while they might hack it a few times (sorry for being graphic).

Furthermore, one of the “most humane butchers” in America is the shechita house in St. Louis…

(Sorry about my title- I didnt realize the pun when I wrote it… Just noticed it now when rereading my post before I sent it in…)”

I never said that gentiles CAN eat meat!