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“now i know there’s no need to do that”

no need to do that!!

are you crazy?

killing innocent living feeling creatures?!

are you a mass murderer?

what if you carried a disease that was usually fatal and extremely contagious?

would you say, well it’s very difficult for me to avoid coming into contact with people, if they die, they die, i cant just stay home.

if you arent willing to take the trouble to walk outside very slowly, with your eyes paying very close attention to the ground, you should stay home!

ants have rights too.

who are you to decide that random innocent lives shall be shed, because you are too preoccupied to avoid killing them?

“Ants are so tiny that generally, people can step on the sidewalk and the minuscule space between the soles of our shoes and the surface of the ground is enough to shield ants from injury or death”

i guess a serial killer can find any excuse.

what you said is not true.

there is no space between the midsole and central heel of your shoe and the ground.

otherwise you would be literally walking on air.