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Please, let’s not get into that discussion here. I am well aware that the vast majority of this website’s readership is against feminism; I do not need each of you to tell me individually. I believe GMAB started a feminism thread which mysteriously disappeared soon after, so apparently YWN editors do not consider it a suitable topic for discussion.

Like it or not, I am a feminist, and I’m not going to change my ideology just because some anonymous people on a website think I should. Please don’t use asterisks or abbreviate my username to try to ignore my feminism or treat it like a dirty word; there is another “f-word” that I think you would find much more objectionable!

(kitzur_dot_net, I think you probably meant that “orthodox” and “feminist” are oxymorons. I disagree with you wholeheartedly here, as I am an Orthodox feminist. Nonetheless, I can see why some people might think this is so, whereas there is no basis whatsoever for claiming that a Jew by birth who may be completely secular cannot be a feminist.)