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    Last night in Lakewood New Jersey, some people had their cars broken into. This happened in a very quiet and safe area, where the vast majority of the neighborhood is Frum.

    Please remember to lock your car doors when exiting them, especially at night, and double check to make sure they are locked. This may seem obvious to most, but in reality, people lead busy lives, and may neglect to notice if their car locked when they walked away from it. This can be a very traumatic experience, no one should have to go through.

    Have a great week!

    Be safe everyone!


    I don’t believe it would be classified as a “break-in” if the car was unlocked.


    jf02, If someone “walks” into your unlocked house at 3 AM, with everyone sound asleep, would you not consider that a break-in?


    No, I would consider it trespassing.


    you can classify it as the car was “violated”


    Both the Watch Commander and Dispatch, were called, and they classified the incident as, “Breaking & Entering,” & other such terms. (and yes they were made aware that some of the cars may not have been locked).

    Let’s leave the legal terms and their definitions to the professionals.

    Unless someone here has some type of township badge, and would like to share their knowledge &/or opinions with the rest of us?



    It’s semantics but that is the accepted term.


    arc, I like the way you *** that out.


    “jewish” and “feminist” are oxymorons


    Please, let’s not get into that discussion here. I am well aware that the vast majority of this website’s readership is against feminism; I do not need each of you to tell me individually. I believe GMAB started a feminism thread which mysteriously disappeared soon after, so apparently YWN editors do not consider it a suitable topic for discussion.

    Like it or not, I am a feminist, and I’m not going to change my ideology just because some anonymous people on a website think I should. Please don’t use asterisks or abbreviate my username to try to ignore my feminism or treat it like a dirty word; there is another “f-word” that I think you would find much more objectionable!

    (kitzur_dot_net, I think you probably meant that “orthodox” and “feminist” are oxymorons. I disagree with you wholeheartedly here, as I am an Orthodox feminist. Nonetheless, I can see why some people might think this is so, whereas there is no basis whatsoever for claiming that a Jew by birth who may be completely secular cannot be a feminist.)


    Orthodoxy is the only form of Judaism. The reformist, conservatist and reconstructionist are anything but Judaism. Their house of worship are nothing but glorified Church’s that a Jew is forbidden to enter.


    I have this strange feeling that this will turn into a discussion of feminism anyway. 🙂


    Joseph, if you knew anything about these movements, you would know that they are legitimate forms of Judaism. However, you do not even know their proper names, so I am not surprised that you have this mistaken impression.

    This does not apply to Reform and Reconstructionist Jews who accept patrilineal descent, but would you say that a member of the Conservative movement who has Jewish parents, grandparents, etc. is in fact not a Jew?


    Joseph never said these people weren’t Jewish. He said they were not practicing Judaism. Big difference


    “if you knew anything about these movements”

    I know more about them than you care to know. I intentionally skewered their names, as they are undeserving of even the slightest modicum of respect.

    “that they are legitimate forms of Judaism.”

    Not a shred of legitimacy. Their so-called “legitimacy” is perhaps a small notch above Jews for Yushke. None of them are Judaism. Their leaders have reserved seating in gehenim.

    “This does not apply to Reform and Reconstructionist Jews who accept patrilineal descent, but would you say that a member of the Conservative movement who has Jewish parents, grandparents, etc. is in fact not a Jew?”

    Some of their adherents are Jewish (assuming maternal Jewish descent.) But NONE of them practice any form of Judaism.

    P.S. None of these points are my own, but rather those of Gedolei Yisroel from the time these illegitimate movements reared their ugly heads until today.

    P.P.S. It is these types of “viewpoints” that you express, that are purely heretical, and is what is being discussed in the “Tenor of Discussion” thread.


    heres another why:

    we all said naaseh v nishmah

    why did we need to say nishmah (we will hear what You want us to do)

    obviously we cant do unless we first hear what to do, nishmah is logically implied completely by naaseh

    it means we will hear from You what to do, and we will do it even if we dont understand it.

    we will hear from You, who told it to Moshe, then to the elders, etc from father to son, from Rebbi to Talmid. not from our own understanding alone.

    if You tell us, from this Mesorah, as explained by the poskim who have received and given over the Mesorah, that we may not drive on Shabbos, then we may not drive on Shabbos, even though it seems to us to be okay in order to allow Yidden to go to Shul on Shabbos, even if it seems to be imperative to us in order to preserve the Jewish People. nevertheless we will do only what You tell us is permitted and not follow our crippled, blinded logic.

    this has always been the way of the Jewish people, until refarm raised its cancerous head a couple of hundred years ago in order that we should be like the goyim, not a unique beloved people of Hashem, hated by the nations.

    the conservitive, reacting to this evil, perpetrated the same blind mistake, albeit for more benign reasons.

    they are all outside the Mesorah, they have nothing to do with the life and purpose of Hashem’s people

    i dont know much (although i know enough) about all the other made-up, so called branches and sub-branches of the ONE nation of Hashem.


    Thank You Feivel.

    And since the Gedolim said so, it is so.



    I have posted some proofs to evolution in the the thread were we were discussing it (the hoax of global warming) it please debunk them if you can.


    if you only accept rabbis whos opinions already agree with your ideas of yiddishkeit (that you were brought up with perhaps) and say that all the rest arnt jewish you arnt really giving much of a reason for having the ideas of yiddishkeit that you do have.

    (that you happend to be born to parents of a certain mehalach is not a REASON to beleive it)



    i will even re post some of the ideas i mentioned in the other thread here,

    First of all evolution happens. We can see it. one example off the top of my head is domesticated dogs there is no such thing in the wild of most of the species of dogs that are domestic breeds simply because these breeds were “created” in captivity by slecting certain traits and breeding for them it only makes sense that in the wild certain traits would give a creature a better chance at survival and would cause them to develop more and more (kinda like the elephent example i gave in the earlier post except substitute the elephant for say a flying squirrel and the size of the trunk and body to the size of the “wings” (wich are in reality flaps of skin) and distance it can fly.) the argument that this is just “micro” evolution simply misses the point as enough “micro” changes will end up being a “macro” change

    second of all from the dna evidence:

    most of the dna strand in all animals is mostly the same this is extremly suggestive of commen ancestry

    third of all the fossil evidence

    we see layers of fossils without fail going from less complex to more complex, even one mammal skull in a place were they shouldnt have been evolved yet would disprove the theory and this has not happend once since they started discovering fossils

    there are tons of other proofs that can be found in most advanced biology books but are beyond my scope to write here



    i was brought up on cheeseburgers, and movies on saturday.

    my mehalach was formed by looking for the truth and not seeking to fool myself so i could have more pleasures and freedom in this vain world .

    you keep saying mehalach as if this was some charm to excuse open rebellion against the Ribbono Shel Olam. yes i have my mehalach and you have yours. im not interested in arguing it further, it is pointless for both of us.



    my point was that we are all entitled to beleive in whatever derech we want however to go about bashing what evreybody else beleives as “anti torah” or “sewage” or “open rebellion against hashem” ect. just because there derech dosnt appeal to us is wrong.

    i would never say this about your mehalach of life although it may be very diffrent then the way i would want for myself or my wife & kids.

    as the same way you feel that you know you are right they feel just as sure that they are right.



    i am also sorry for making assumptions about how you were brought up this was a bit arrogant and wasnt nice of me.


    i said i was done arguing so i guess i should agree.

    i guess its okay to do whatever you feel in your heart is right, as long as you dont hurt others or society. there is nothing completely objective telling us what to do, i believe in my system of morality and you believe in yours. ultimately each person must decide what is right and wrong. of course, being a good Jew we take a great deal of guidance from the Torah. but of course the Torah can be interpreted in many ways, you take your Rabbaim, and ill take mine.

    i mean my mind, my heart are very capable of deciding all issues. we are only influenced just a little by the non-Torah environment we live in. we can still be objective if we try really hard.

    mehalach, mehalach, mehalach



    i wasnt offended in the slightest, thank you

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