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i will even re post some of the ideas i mentioned in the other thread here,

First of all evolution happens. We can see it. one example off the top of my head is domesticated dogs there is no such thing in the wild of most of the species of dogs that are domestic breeds simply because these breeds were “created” in captivity by slecting certain traits and breeding for them it only makes sense that in the wild certain traits would give a creature a better chance at survival and would cause them to develop more and more (kinda like the elephent example i gave in the earlier post except substitute the elephant for say a flying squirrel and the size of the trunk and body to the size of the “wings” (wich are in reality flaps of skin) and distance it can fly.) the argument that this is just “micro” evolution simply misses the point as enough “micro” changes will end up being a “macro” change

second of all from the dna evidence:

most of the dna strand in all animals is mostly the same this is extremly suggestive of commen ancestry

third of all the fossil evidence

we see layers of fossils without fail going from less complex to more complex, even one mammal skull in a place were they shouldnt have been evolved yet would disprove the theory and this has not happend once since they started discovering fossils

there are tons of other proofs that can be found in most advanced biology books but are beyond my scope to write here