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My family wouldnt own a scale growing up so we wouldn’t be obssessive over numbers. If we were a little on the heavy side- we would measure success on if your skirt was too tight/big. And I am NOT even on the “slightly fat” or even “maybe slightly fat” side. It is how you feel and what your doctor has to say. We would borrow our neighbors’ scale to do reports in science class and to check up once and a while. But overall, its MATH that means if you are healthy and not someone’s mistaken idea of “Fat”. Check up on BMIs-Body Mass Index- and it will tell you where you stand on the scale. It takes into consideration your height too!

Smokers are hanging a sign out that they are willing to be killed. A friend told me that they knew someone who stopped smoking close to 20 years before and she still was niftar from the machla in her lungs. It takes one month to get rid of all trace of one cigarette from your lungs. Dont even start! Stop now! Imagine how many smokers smoke in a day and how many years free it would take until there is no more trace of it in their lungs. Smoking is a big thing that I would never compromise on for shidduchim. NEVER.