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jewishfeminist02- “Would you suggest that a slim woman who has an ugly face should undergo plastic surgery if she wants to get married?”

mariner- “No, but i wouldnt blame the guys for not wanting to date her!”

Back in the day there was this boy all the girls used to go gaga for. He was handsome, smart, rich, and had great midot. The girls would always imagine the type of woman this man would marry. She would be beautiful, skinny, smart, and perfect in every other way. A few years went by, and the word came out, that this boy was engaged to be married. The girls were all so curious as to who he picked to be his bride. They all attended the Vort, to get a look at this girl, only to find out she was not what they had always imagined. She was not so pretty, never went to college, overweight, and came from a poor family.

Things aren’t always what they seem. Boys are going to agree on the beauty of some girls, but disagree on the beauty of other’s.

In my opinion, the only way a person can truly be ugly, is if they are a mean spirited, selfish, rude, etc.

I have my views on beauty, my friends and I agree on some and don’t agree on other’s. It’s just how the world works.