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A short answer- certain things like the age of the universe do not have to contradict the Torah, as oomis1105 pointed out. Also, the order in which certain things evolved fits in very nicely with Bereishis (e.g. science has discovered that the earth was at one point entirely covered by oceans, and then they receded to reveal land. This is exactly what happens from day 2 to day 3. Also, scientists say fish and birds came before land animals. Look at day 5 and then day 6…)

Other things, however, do contradict. The theory than man “evolved” from bacteria and monkeys is fallacious and nothing more than an attempt to make it seem as though people are nothing more than sophisticated apes. At the end of the day, Torah is emes; if the science fits, great, if it doesn’t, then you must fight the yetzer hara and follow the Torah.