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    With all the hype about the fallacies of science, is it emstrongreally/strong/em true? Does “science” (evolution, etc.) really contradict with our Torah?

    posek hador

    I suggest listening to Dr. gerald Schroeder ‘s lecture on torah and the big bang

    listen to them free at


    I personally do not believe it contradicts the Torah. None of us knows for certain what “evolution” means, how the world actually came to be as a result of “B’asara maamaros Boro Hashem es haolam,” how much time actually passed between days. Until the fourth day of Creation there wasn’t even a sun in the sky. Where I have any difficulty, I will always believe the Torah. But I also will look for ways to fit the scientific thought into the parameters of Torah, not vice versa.


    We just discussed this in the thread entitled “the hoax of manmade global warming”


    A short answer- certain things like the age of the universe do not have to contradict the Torah, as oomis1105 pointed out. Also, the order in which certain things evolved fits in very nicely with Bereishis (e.g. science has discovered that the earth was at one point entirely covered by oceans, and then they receded to reveal land. This is exactly what happens from day 2 to day 3. Also, scientists say fish and birds came before land animals. Look at day 5 and then day 6…)

    Other things, however, do contradict. The theory than man “evolved” from bacteria and monkeys is fallacious and nothing more than an attempt to make it seem as though people are nothing more than sophisticated apes. At the end of the day, Torah is emes; if the science fits, great, if it doesn’t, then you must fight the yetzer hara and follow the Torah.


    Wrong scientific theories contradict Torah, but true ones do not.



    you said “The theory than man “evolved” from bacteria and monkeys is fallacious and nothing more than an attempt to make it seem as though people are nothing more than sophisticated apes”.

    this is the logical equivlent of saying that the torah’s account is just an attempt to make man look like sophistacated pieces of dirt c”v.

    posek hador

    LOOK in the ramban in the begining of bereishis


    I have concerns that this thread will turn up some apikorsus. Even the name Charles R Darwin is stupid for this Yeshivish website.

    Please be careful what you write here. There are many people who log on and read the threads and may not be as frum or learned or mature as the next person and may interpret a post in a different way to how the writer wanted.

    Just a polite word of warning from a Nobody…..


    000646: Since when did logic get involved with religion? If you believe the Torah is emes, then you fit logic to agree with that. There’s a famous saying: “If you would be a real seeker after truth, it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things.”



    my point just was i dont see why it would be any more degrading to say man came from an ape like ancestor then to say man came from dirt

    (i also dont think it contradicts the torah but we just discussed this in another thread and i think evreyone is tired of it going in circles already)


    Right Nobody. Seriously though moderator I’d recommend closing this thread before it ends up like the last one about evolution. This is a Yeshiva World, the basics of a person on this website is that he believes in G-D and thinks the evolution, bang, monkeys are all fairy tales.

    End of story…


    Good point. Closed!

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