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I hate to rain on someone’s parade,but the last comments,about ‘tinok shenishba”, illustrate perfectly the drift towards “chumras” that is making a caricature of yiddishkeit today.

Why take a very strict interpretation of “tinok shenishba”- that is, that the child should NEVER have had any contact with Jews, rather than the more lenient one that says that the lack of Jewish education and surroundings qualify someone as ‘tinok shenishba”, regardless whether he/she had some contact with Jews?

If you go only by the first one, you make thousands of jews sinners,not exactly what we should do at any juncture.if you take the latter view, then , you are giving everyone the benefit of the doubt, which is, incidentally, the Middah of Hakodseh Boruch huh and emulated by the chassidische rebbes.

Why the chumro indeed…..