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I regret all the labeling, e.g. Modern Orthodox, Yeshivish, Chasidish, Chareidi, Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist, Dati Leumi …

To my way of thinking we are all Jews – Bnei Yisroel – all sharing one soul, and all connected and responsible for each other. However, some Jews are Torah observant and, sadly, some Jews are not.

It’s either kosher or not, there is no such thing as kosher-like (although I see this regularly on program announcements for what kind of food will be served).

But, I feel strongly that it is the obligation of every Jew to extend loving kindness to all Jews and by positive interaction, maybe, hopefully, bring those Jews who are currently distant from Torah (but ready to change), closer to complete Torah observance.

We really share so much more than what divides us.