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It is truly scary how many young people are being sent out into the world without the ability to earn a living. While the economy was good, we could afford the luxury, but sadly there will be much suffering as the economy sours.

While parnassa ultimately comes from the RBSO, too many people ignore the need for hishtadlus. Hishtadlus means giving your children a decent (secular) education when they are young, and giving them the means to have a career when they grow up.

Chazal and the gedolim of the past combined learning Torah with earning a living. Virtually the entire Torah is based on the assumption that the norm will be for people working instead of relying on miracles to support them. (For example, all the agricultural mitzvos.)

We certainly need kollels – but they should be for the exceptional student and not for everyone.

The original poster mentioned that girls look for a shidduch with a boy who will learn full time. Well, not all. My frum, ehrlich, baalos middos, baalos chesed daughters are approaching that age. They will each be looking for a boy who is frum, ehrlich, a baal middos, a baal chesed, who will be kovea itim l’torah, but will also fulfill the obligations on the kesuba to support his family to the best of his ability.