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If you look at the news, Aza is a mess, and Ashdod and Ashkelon are emptying out and are therefore becoming desolate. With each day more are leaving the cities in droves.

There was a Torah Codes search about Obama and his name came up in Yechezkel, Perek 38 which talks about the leader of Gog. (Count every 7th letter from the word nasi and it spells out Obama). Read it!

Rav Kanievsky also stated that by the last night of Chaunuka people in Eretz Yisroel will be in bomb shelters.

Add to that the Birchat hachama year this year which falls out on the fourteenth of Nissan as also happened by yestzias Mitzrayim and with the salvation of Purim.

Also Rabbi Zohn dreamed of the Chofetz Chaim, his rebbe, whose message was that we have to get ourselves prepared spiritually (as reported by Mishpacha Magazine).

For those who are interested the autistic children who communicate via keyboarding and are said to be from very holy neshomos are also saying that this year is the one!

Everything points to this year being the year of Geula-the final push to there finally being Moshiach. Why do you think Nefesh B’enefesh is still having tons of aliyah applicants? People feel a change in the world, that something unusual is going on. For the ones who needed to be torn away from their gashmiyus, the economy collapsed. For those who hate Israel for whatever reason, Hashem is showing his Hand and His Chessed by having these Hamas rockets miss people, and land in empty places.

At this point I am truly surprised at every day that passes and i don’t hear Eliyahu blowing the shofar! People have said that this is IT the final war. I’m looking forward to having a Bais Hamikdosh, of Techiyas Hameisim, of having the entire world know without a trace of doubt who our Creator is, and we will feel Hashem’s presence in a way we can’t imagine today.