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But still, why do people label? I got called something based on the school I went to even though it had nothing to do with me! It was so incorrect and it was hurtful! Just because someone is not from the school that you went to, it doesnt mean that they are irreligious ect. I met someone who was telling me about her school. I asked a question and her response went along the lines of, “Well, it depends on how yeshivish your school is…” I was shocked, because there are many frum, fine, very yeshivish schools that do not do what this school does ect. I guess if the definition of yeshivish includes going to this specific school, then I guess she was right. But why be so close-minded? I dont say that every school is “yeshivish” (whatever that means) but each child needs a school that is appropriate for them, and one should not look down at someone because they do what is right for their child.