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Be friendly and kind to ppl. Even if you don’t know them. Belive me, a kind remark goes a long way… I have been on both ends.

If someone is stuck on the road- don’t just pass if you have time to help.

If I see a bus trying to pull out or a car, I try to let them in front of me

When parking, I almost always try to pull up all the way to make room for another car. Thank you so much to those who do it for me too!

ALSO>>> very important… when doing chesed for ppl, do it in a way that they don’t feel like a nebuch situation. It’s hard to take chesed too. I recently had to take favors from ppl and I felt so uncomfy yet in some cases they made it like I was doing them the favor (not fakely but in a real way) and other times I felt like thanks but I dont need your favor.