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Goes back to one of our main questions in the coffeeroom:

Who knows better, the expert who knows the case and has studied the field or the Rav who does not?

Now, if the Gadol has Ruach Hakodesh helping him, the answer is obvious. But who says the specific person you ask does?

Thats why the “Chazon Ish” example is somewhat off. The Chazon Ish is someone who we can not comprehend who he was and his connection to Hashem. Similar for Rav Elyashiv.

But stam a Rov?

In your case, the Rav is knowledgable and is willing to admit he doesn’t know in some cases, I agree with you 100%, as he is an “expert” as well, with the advantage of looking at the case with a Torah perspective.

The equivilent would be to ask a Kashrus expert a Choshen Mishpat question. Would he send you to a Choshen Mishpat expert (as my Rav has done for some of my questions) or try to answer based on his non-expert knowledge?