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I’m surprised there are people saing there IS a problem with wearing a hat & jacket, at least in Lakewood & Flatbush. If they (non-frum) can have dreadlocks with caps, Amish hats, and Muslim Burkas all over the NYC area, why not a Stetson (or a look-a-like, as popularized in modern culture by Jack Abramoff).

On the other side, those who don’t want to wear a hat may feel the need to “keep up with the Cohenses (sic)” regarding religiousity (or your child may not get a shidduch), as hats have practicaly become a must-wear as not wearing one is Bad For Shidduchim.

There is no reason for anyone to feel forced to do something that is not even a minhag, let alone a halacha. That however, is the sorry state of our society (which B”H still follows Torah & Mitzvos), which has the crisis’ (Shidduchim & Yeshivos/Tuition/OTD) that force us into uniformity.

So be it. At least here B”H I can still sit next to my wife in the front half of the bus.