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Torah Lover

You should do what we do in my house. We clean up as we go. As a wife I find that the wife has a responsibilty to keep the house in order. The husband and kids should just as well help out. You should arrange charts and have an award system for the kids. this will go a long way with charts. I told my husband I can scrub toilets, I can do dishes, all I ask of him to do is mop. I hate mopping with a passion. It just gets me so naucious. I ask my kids to just clean up after themselves. And with these systems that I created my house is organized and neat. And when my house is neat and oganized, I realized that my family and myself included are much more at ease and I definately feel Hashem’s Shechina. Every home is a minature Bais HaMikdash, you have to decide how you want to treat it.

P.S. Just to let you know, I cannot sleep in a messy house and when there are dishes in the sink.

Have a wonderful Shobbos