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lesschums: They pay taxes and are entitled to receive a benefit for that.

apy: You are absolutely incorrect. They agree, yet do what they have to.

charlie: Even if you accept the blood libel of the zionists against the Torah community and believed there was discrimination (do you also believe we use Christian blood for our Matzos?), there is no basis for the zionist court to force the parents to send their children to a school they do not wish to sent them to (as the parents took their children out of the school after the zionist court forced integration with the children that have TV’s etc. in their homes). There was still no basis for the zionist court to prevent the parents from sending their children to another school (as the parents did after the court tried forcing the school to mix the less and non religious with the other school). And there was no basis for the zionist court to refuse allowing the heroic fathers and mothers from home schooling their children, as they did after the zionist court prevented them from schooling them where they chose.

So even if you accepted the blood libel as being true (despite the fact that 30+% of the Emanuel Bais Yaakov was Sephardic — including the heroic Sephardic fathers who went to prison on the orders of the the Dishon. Edmond Levy for supposedly discriminating against fellow Sephardim!), there still is no comparison to the American court action in the 50’s, as then the court was issuing orders against the school administration/local government — NOT threatening fathers and mothers with imprisonment as the evil zionists did. Even the biggest Sephardic Rov — Chachom Ovadia Yosef — condemned going to court against the Bais Yaakov, and said that person lost his chelek in Olam Haboa as a result.