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“1) i wrote earlier (my first post) it was a woman singer, so i think that takes out Beethoven and Mozart”

But your question, divides the 2.

“Can you name one rav that says it’s mutar to listen to each of the following

1) goish music?

2) a woman singer?”

Number 1 implies ANY goyish music. Number 2 is specifically about listening to a woman sing.

“2) why should kol isha be any different? it is different. besides like i said before what you do at home is one thing, doing something onto others is a different story.”

Did YOU read what I wrote? Will try again. If you hold that taped music is somehow better than live music and is permitted during the 3 weeks, PERHAPS the same difference ALSO applies to kol isha. I am not saying it does, I am suggesting that perhaps it may.

“3) if “most” poskim assur something, a public forum, such as a store shouldn’t be doing it based on one or 2 poskim that say you could.”

If it is a womens clothing store where this music was played and kol isha was not a problem for the women shoppers, would yo uhave a taayna against the store?

“4) as Kasha stated this isn’t a question of should i walk out or stay, it’s a question of why is it on?”

If it is a womens clothing store for example, your question is regarding non jewish music, not an issue of kol isha. This is a valid question if this was the local dentist or pizza shop which is frequented by men and women.

So, do you understand why I asked you specifically about non jewish music AND kol isha? I understood you were trying to make 2 different points and ask 2 different questions. You didnt specify what type of store this was, so I am making distinctions on my own.