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I agree; so how come they don’t do it? They didn’t do it in the story that I posted and they don’t do it in most frum schools.

Health, I believe people are generally slow to change. I believe that sooner or later schools will have mentors for their students. Unfortunately it’s a monkey see monkey do type of world. The idea of a mentor is something that needs to catch on and then I believe all of the schools will have one. I think it will be a quite a number of years though before this happens.

My daughters’ school has a couple of women who work with younger kids that need extra TLC. They talk while they do arts and crafts. But the parents need to request it if there is no obvious problem with their child. I requested that one of my daughters go to one of the women. I felt she needed a little TLC in the school environment itself, to boost her self esteem and it worked wonders.

Parents need to be on top of these things too.