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I think you do a great disservice to the community when you post something like this. Everyone is entitled to have a business and charge whatever they want. They don’t owe you anything! You can make your own decision as to whether or not you can afford it,, but you are implying that they are doing something wrong by charging what you consider to be so much and it’s as if you are saying that you are entitled to a cheaper camp price. Let each person decide for themselves, but camp owners (many of whom are NOT becoming rich) can decide what price they want to charge. It’s a free market. Same goes for seminaries- it’s as if people think that people who own seminaries OWE people an affordable seminary experience. It’s a business (again, one off of which MOST are NOT becoming rich, contrary to popular belief) and it’s their right to charge what they want and your right as a consumer to pay or not. They don’t owe anyone anything!