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If at all possible, I aim for one minyan, but if I see I need to skip things between Baruch Sheomar and Yishtabach, I’ll do so, in order to catch Shemone Esrai. If I see I’ll never catch them, I just wait for the next minyan thats starting, but I might listen to kriyas hatorah at the missed minyan, as the 15 miuntes saved in the morning sometimes makes a huge difference. That’s on weekdays.

On Sundays (or days off) I’ll simply wait till the next minyan. Shabbos, there’s enougth time to catch up, even if I arrive 15 minutes late, so that’s rarely an issue.

But you are right; korbanos is just that. a korban.Not sure why, but it just is. There is no way I can say all that in 5 minutes (the ammt of time alloted from after Brachos till the start of Hoidu)