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Similarly, there is much flexibility when it comes to Kollel. Some Kollels have longer hours, some have shorter hours. Some even might not have hours, but you have to learn a certain number of hours. Sometimes a person learns at home, or the Rosh Kollel monitors how he uses his time. I’m sure there are many other situations as well. A person must choose a Kollel in which it’s realistic that he will not violate geneivah.

Work is usually a lot more straightforward. It’s 8 hours a day – sometimes required to be 9 to 5, and a person must work that entire time, with maybe a half hour break at a specific time – otherwise that’s what weekends are for (obviously once in a while for something extraordinary is not (in my opinion) geneivah, though it should be discussed with the people giving him the paycheck). Additionally, work is based on results so no matter how much or how little one works, if one is being paid, he must work the entire time until he meets his work goals specified by his employer on a regular basis. If a person cannot do that, just like any other job, if one cannot fulfill his duties, should not choose that profession.