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“There are thousands that dont work and learn all day and financially survive obviously we are talking about such people but some paremts need thrir kids ro be rich and to afford all the things they would want when all the child wants is too learn who gave the parnts the right to have an opion in such a case~! “

The people you describe are not surviving, they are relying upon everyone else (including your and my tax dollars and tzedaka gelt) to pick up their tabs. Whether it is Section 8 or Food Stamps, or Welfare, or Tomchei Shabbos, SOMEONE has to pay for it.

Suppose ALL those other people who are paying for these kids’ expenses suddenly decided they, too, wanted to do nothing all day but sit and learn? What if all the fathers decided collectively, “We paid our dues, we brought up our kids, now it is our turn to relax in the Beis Medrash and enjoy learning all day?” (something which they could not do when they were busy providing for their families).

And what if the mothers who already raised THEIR own children, did NOT want the achrayus of having to commit to raising their grandchildren during the day while their daughters go out to work to support their husbands who don’t want to go out and work for a living, so they can sit and learn? This becomes very old very fast for many young women, who become disillusioned with the whole “eishes chayil” idea. I speak to a lot of young women, several of whom are now divorced, btw, and they all say the same thing: “In seminary, they never told us it would be like THIS!”