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“Someone that is emotionally healthy and has a good relationship with his parents will not go OTD from these images nor will he get addicted.”

That is simply not true. I personally know people who became addicted who had perfectly healthy relationships with their parents. Really, I find it disturbing when people point-blank deny the danger that technology can pose. Not everything is “the system”‘s fault. We must protect our own children from the obvious dangers.

That said, we should indeed be inculcating our children with the emunah, yiras Hashem and simchas hachayim. I personally believe that the root cause of a large part of the problems facing us today is that Judaism has become a mindless lifestyle to many, instead of a set of deeply held ideals. And if one regards Judaism as a lifestyle, can he/she be blamed for wanting to trade it in for an easier one, with less restrictions and duties? We have to bring the intellectual and the emotional parts of Judaism back into play, not just the physical actions. As R’ Wolbe explains in Ali Shor, the physical acts of Yiddishkeit should an outpouring of the convictions of the mind and the feelings of the soul.