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Unfortunately, it is true that when people going through any test in life be it illness or death, too many people do not know how to react so they avoid. They will cross the street if they see you or ignore you. Others will give you so much advice like they were the expert of all.

I myself was tested this year and decided to keep my diagnosis quiet and just among my closest family. Once i was given a clean bill of health i did tell others. Perhaps if you saw me you may have had an inkling that something was amiss. If someone asks many questions i would nicely say that if they will write down the questions i may answer them.

Sloan Kettering is a research hospital and is not one that is recommended for adults. Adults there are just a number not a human.

If caught in the early stages, cancer is cureable just as any other illness. Any illness diagnosed in a delayed stage can be fatal.

Also people can go for more than one opinion.

In regard to fasting, one should ask a dayan who will probably tell them not to fast.

Remember in Unesaneh Tokef we say and know that Hashem decrees who shall live and who not.

Too many oncologists are too conventional and won’t let you take vitamins or supplements.

I used a private oncologist who was very supportive of supplements such as Essaic Tea, COQ10, vitamins B and E and also vitamin C in powdered form.

Chesed of New Square has freshly squeezed pomegranate juice that they will deliver for free and ask for but a small donation.

All this will help your immune system and give you energy.

After just eight 3.5 hour treatments my pet scan was clean B”H.