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“If you’re not Chassidish, you’re out of luck with BP Rebbitzins”

# 1, why limit yourself to BP shuls? Kensington is under 30 minutes away, and there are numerous shuls I can think of there. (two right off the bat are Foster and Seton and the one on OP and Bay Parkway. Don’t know all there is to know about them, but they seem warm enough from the few times I’ve been there)

# 2, What about R’ Brody on 51st street? Or Emumas Yisroel on 16th? Ok, maybe the rebbetzin of EY is not the right person, but there has to be 10-20 women there on a shabbos that will take an interest in a newly arrived girl, if she shows up pretty consistantly. I mean, they have a brigade of girls that cut up cake for keddashim.. you’re gonna tell me they don’t have a team of well meaning and ready to help 40+ year olds to mentor single girls? Ok, you won’t walk in on day 1 and get bombarded with offers; but give it a few weeks and you’d be pleasantly surprised at how effective an idea this is.

And hedge your bets. Pick 2 shuls and alternate so you get maximum exposure without being all over the place.

And while working is a great thing, she needs to take off some time for herself. If the traditional track hasn’t worked, its time for some fresh air.