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1. how would you or the other singles know who shadchanim have set up.

2. of course (no pun intended) the big names get attention…. but to brush with the broad strokes you are using is simply incorrect and unfair.

3. try getting a list from the shadchanim “on the right” of the shidduchimn they have made in the last 2 years. I think you’ll be quite fascinated.

4. here’s a little secret. shadachanim focuse on the girls whom they can get dates for, afterall they are in the business of making making shidducim. if a girl and her family are easy to deal with they will look out for her regardless of the family standing.

5. if you’ve set up hundreds of couples in the last few years, KOL HAKAVOOD. you would certainly know the work that goes in to getting it there. (i find it hard to beleive that you’ve set up hundreds of dates and have made one shidduch. something doesn’t sound right.)