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In that case I think the boys should all chip in for the cost of dating as far as the girls are concerned. There is of course the wardrobe, make-up, haircare, etc. The boy can wear the same suit with a different tie and who will know the difference. The girls on the other hand even if they don’t go out with the same guy a second time, still needs different clothes because they don’t want other people to keep seeing them in the same outfits. Girls have a reputation to uphold because of all the yentas around.

I think everyone should stop feeling so sorry for the young men. They have the upper hand these days and have many more opportunities and many more dates than the girls do. Let them do their homework and be creative. Find ways to have a good time without spending a lot of money. And no the girl should not have to chip in or split the bill. Lets stop finding ways for men to stop acting like men. Lets stop finding ways of taking responsibility away from them. Let these young men step up to the plate and prove they are ready, willing and able to get married.